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VTC Pro Audio - Technology

Technology is at the forefront of all of our products. Groundbreaking patented horn and subwoofer designs push the envelope of what a modern day speaker system can do.

We utilize the latest hardware and software technologies available today which allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency. Solid modeling packages such as ProEng, P-CAD, RhinoCAD, AutoCAD, and IronCAD are used to create 3D computer renderings before products are ever built to help with cosmetic & ergonomic design issues. Further development has been put into providing downloadable EASE files for most loudspeaker models to assist users with precise acoustic prediction in live sound and permanent loudspeaker installations.

Audio Precision electronic testing machines and PC's running LMS, TEF and CLIO (speaker measurement programs) ensure the best possible consistency through an ultra-thorough quality control and testing process that is done to each and every product before they are packaged up to leave our Canadian manufacturing facility.

Follow the links above to learn more about our patented (and patent pending) horn and woofer technologies developed by world renowned loudspeaker designer Tom Danley which was further developed and refined by our own team of talented and experienced loudspeaker development engineers. You will also find more information on EASE Focus, the industry standard, free-to-download, line array directional acoustic beam steering and focusing prediction software package.

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