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Technology - Synergy Horn

Reproducing the frequency spectrum from below 100 Hz to beyond 20 kHz typically requires that multiple drivers of varying sizes, each best suited to reproduce a particular frequency region, be used in a typical full range PA enclosure. Virtually every loudspeaker design puts the individual drivers (direct radiators) and/or horn mouths at different physical locations in the enclosure. In such designs it is difficult to maintain a uniform radiation pattern through the crossover region from one device to the next and maintain a controlled, phase coherent output from the cabinet. This limitation of conventional loudspeaker design is magnified when multiple boxes are arrayed.

Elevation Series line array cabinets solve the limitations presented in conventional loudspeaker design using Synergy horn (patent pending) design. The Synergy Horn, designed by Tom Danley and licensed by Danley Sound Labs, successfully couples the radiation from multiple drivers into a single horn. This delivers the highly effective performance of a single horn/driver system with high sensitivity (efficient power transfer), excellent directivity control and the ideal basis for a truly modular line array enclosure.

This coaxial Synergy Horn arrangement nests a Paraline high frequency horn driver inside a larger mid frequency horn, essentially utilizing the entire front area of the enclosure as the horn mouth for both. This maximizes the horn size, improving directional control at lower frequencies (longer wavelengths) while maintaining reasonable overall enclosure size.

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